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About JZAC
Located in the western outskirt of Shanghai, Jinze is a tranquil ancient town with a history of over 1,300 years. It is renowned for its crisscross waterways and time-honored bridges. The place offers an amazing combination of natural landscape, architecture and cultural heritage. The Jin Ze Arts Centre aims to engage with this legacy – while offering a conducive environment for cultural dialogues, artisanal workshops, and a retreat for creative research.

Our Mission
Jin Ze Arts Centre is an independent art and craft organization, aiming at the preservation and promotion of the fine tradition of Chinese craftsmanship. It provides a platform to foster exchanges of ideas and  techniques among traditional craft lovers via innovative approaches. All academics, craft, practitioners, contemporary designers, teachers, students and cultural organizations are welcome to apply to use our rich craft collections for research.

Who we serve

  • Artists, designers, academics and students
  • Museums, schools and other cultural institutes and interest groups
  • Anyone interested in arts and crafts
What we do
In its current development, we have completed the building of the following facilities: 
  • Library
  • Research archive with over 5,000 items of textile crafts and artifacts
  • Exhibition Gallery
  • Function Rooms
  • Weaving Studio equipped with both traditional and modern looms.
  • Accommodation and canteen catering for up to 50 visitors  
Regular programmes and events for local and international participants: artists-in-residency, hands-on workshops, exhibitions and guided tour, etc.


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